I have been asked several times already by English-speaking fellows about this blog. So, what is this all about? What is the story behind this blog? What do I keep informing you about? And why cant I not write in English?

First of all, I could as well write this blog in English. But given that we are not native speakers it seemed from the beginning that we could better give you an insight, if we wrote in our mother tongue. Also, we did not anticipate that there would be a noteworthy interest beyond the German border.

The story of this blog is nevertheless told quite fast. As a matter of fact, I could narrow it down to one sentence: I have quit my job this summer in order to start my own business, which I have wanted to do for over ten years now. That is the story behind this blog with my part being Projekt Beta.

When I first started to think about creating my own start up company like ten years ago everybody thought I was just going crazy and that I would never follow through with this plan. Back then I did not have a real idea on what to do, I had not graduated from university and I did not have any working experience (besides some internships and student jobs). Ten years later the plan was still the same, only that now I was somehow also ready for the adventure. I have finished my studies, I have had a share of work experience as a business consultant and I have a specific idea that I want to pursue.

My journey as an Entrepreneur started with quitting my regular job in a Munich-based Consultancy for Financial Advisory. At that point I first realised what all this meant to me, because I felt so good the moment after I quit. I know that it will be hard and the time to come will not be easy for me or anybody around me. But I do have my goal and I have a plan how to achieve this goal.

Now that almost two months of actually working self-employed (rather than unemployed) have passed, I feel that it was the right decision. I mean it is really hard not to receive a paycheck and not to know exactly when I will start earning money, but I feel liberated and I feel like I can do almost anything I want. And that was the purpose to begin with. This is how I concluded being an Entrepreneur would turn out to be. So for the beginning I can say that I have accomplished my initial goal.

Now the next steps need to follow and I need to proove to myself that it is not just an illusion. This blog is about the little steps that I take. Some are small steps from my daily life and some a huge milestones that bring me closer to my target. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time. That is the story behind.


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